How WFT simplifies the application process for renters

You’re in the market for a new place. How fun! It can be a process full of possibility and excitement, looking for a home that you can really see yourself in. It can also be an expensive process, full of worry and stress, wondering whether or not your application will be accepted. You can continue to do things the old way, inefficiently paying application fees over and over again and getting repeated dings on your credit report, or you can join WFT and simplify your rental applications! 

Worry Free Tenant offers the ideal solution for those application woes. No, you don’t get off entirely scot-free. You’ll still have a fee to pay. BUT. You’ll only have ONE fee to pay for ALL landlords! And when you’re applying to multiple places, by choice or by necessity, that can save you a lot of money. Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out your rental application
  • Upload all of the necessary documents, like pay stubs and your driver’s license
  • Pay your application fee to WFT
  • Inform landlords that the report is complete so that they can check it out!

All landlords that are already connected to Worry Free Tenant will be able to see your report, as well as any landlords that you invite to WFT. Plus, your report will be active for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to find the right place and finish up all the paperwork!

Curious about what WFT actually does? Besides offering you a database of rentals to search through, saving you money on application fees, and minimizing activity on your credit report, we collect all of the information that a landlord could want. From proving your identity, to background and credit checks, to rental history, employment history, and income, we create a report with all of the pertinent information on it, giving landlords a complete picture of you and proving your transparency and reliability in the process. Head over to www.worryfreetenant.com today and get that application going. It’s time for you to find the perfect rental home and we’re here to help you do it!