Frequently Asked Questions

About Worry Free Tenant

For Tenants

How do I share my tenant report with a landlord?
You are provided a referral code on your dashboard and through your welcome email. You are able to share this code with any landlord that you would like to have access to your application. Once they’ve added your referral code and you have signed back in to approve them, they will be able to view your report. You can also connect with a landlord through WFT at the bottom of the Dashboard. You can enter the landlord’s referral code, which will grant them access to your report.

Who sees my information?

Your report is only shared with you and all landlords / owners who you have given permission. You can view the list of landlords with permission at the bottom of your dashboard under Landlords with Access to Your Reports.

How long is my application active?

Your tenant screening application is active for 60 days. If you have not found the right property within that time frame, you will be provided with a discount code that you can use to renew your application, which will stay active for another 60 days.

How do I remove a landlord from viewing my information?
Go to your dashboard and scroll down to “connect a landlord”. Find the landlord(s) you’d like to remove and click on the red trashcan icon next to them to remove them. They will be removed instantly and will no longer have access to your reports.

How do I renew my tenant application?

When your report is close to expiring, you’ll receive an email with a discount code to renew your application for another 60 days. You also will be informed that your application has expired when you try to log in after the 60 days have passed and will be prompted on the WFT dashboard, at that time, to renew.

What if I need to change something on my application?

You can change your application at any time, but the background report that is shown to landlords will remain unchanged unless you choose to pay for a new report. The updated report would include the changed information from your updated application and would override the previous report. Information that cannot be changed without getting a new report:

  • Tenant credit check with a tenant credit score
  • Tenant background check including criminal and civil records
  • Tenant eviction history
  • Sex offender list
  • Terrorist watch list
Can I change my sign in email?
Yes! Go to the menu in the upper right corner of the page (indicated by three horizontal lines) and click on the little down arrow next to the “Account” option. Then, choose the “Settings” option, which will bring you to your profile information. Enter a new email into the email field and then retype it into the next field. When you have completed this, click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find my referral code?
Your referral code is located on your dashboard, once you have signed in. It was also emailed to you when you registered with WFT. If you cannot find this email, check your spam folder.

For Landlords

Do I need to inform a tenant when they are not chosen for the home they applied for?

Yes, you do! See the question below for information on the proper way to inform them.

How do I inform a tenant that I did not choose to rent to them?

You are required to send them an Adverse Action letter. Click here to visit our blog, where we provide more information on this, along with a link to an example of an adverse action letter that you could use as a template.

How long should I give a tenant to sign a lease?

Tenants are usually given three to four days to sign a lease.

What form of funds should I accept for the initial rent and deposit?

For move-in, money orders and cashier’s checks are both acceptable.

How do I find the landlord/tenant laws for my state?

It can take some searching to find up-to date information. We’ve included some resources for you! Click here for a blog article that covers how and where to find landlord and tenant laws for your state.

Who sees my information?

Anyone who has your specific URL or referral code can see your information. Your properties can be viewed by anyone who is searching your area on the WFT site.

How do I share my profile link with a tenant?

Your referral code and profile URL are provided to you on your dashboard as well as in your welcome email when you signed up as a Worry Free Landlord. You can post your profile url and your referral code through social media or email. Prospective tenants can also go to and enter in your referral code to get to your profile and listings.

How do I delete a listing?
From your landlord dashboard, scroll down to the section called “Manage Properties”. Click on the yellow button, then scroll down to the listing you would like to remove. Click on the red trashcan icon to delete. Note: If you think you will be renting the property again at any point in the future, you may prefer to simply hide/unlist your listing until it’s ready to be rented.

How do I hide my property from rental search?
From your landlord dashboard, scroll down to the section called “Manage Properties”. Click on the yellow button. Scroll down to the property you would like to hide and click on the pencil icon. Once you are on the Edit Properties page, scroll down to the section called “Status” (directly below Pets and above Availability and Description). If you want your property to be hidden, click on “Unlist” radio icon, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save & Submit”.

How do I list my property on the Worry Free Tenant site?
From your landlord dashboard, scroll down to the section called “Manage Properties”. Click on the yellow button and then click on the “Add a New Property” button. From there, you can fill out the information form for your property and upload photos. You can also enter an existing URL if you have your property listed on any other listing website. Click on “Save & Submit” when you have finished.

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