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of households are renting their home

*The Pew Research Center’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data

Our mission is to break free of today’s standard rental practices. We strive to make the rental process comprehensive, cost-effective, and EASY for both owners and tenants.

Worry Free Tenant (WFT) is a tenant screening service that allows landlords to screen and connect with prospective tenants while managing their properties from one easy dashboard. Our tenant screenings provide vital information to determine if a tenant is qualified for your rental property.

We have over 30 Years Experience

With 30+ years of placing tenants and managing rental homes, we’ve learned that a successful investment begins with choosing the right renter. 

Selecting the right one will lead to less WTF moments and more Worry Free Tenants (WFT).

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Our Story

Worry Free Tenant (WFT) is a startup company created in 2018 based in Delaware. We strive to help landlords, managers, agents, and prospective tenants ease the rental process. Our services are available nationally.  

Our platform was designed with the intent to aid everyone from owners to agents as a simple, easy, and free way to find a qualified tenant and make an informed choice when it comes to renting out their properties. 

Landlords aren’t the only ones who can utilize our services. For one fee, tenants get one credit check and background check that they can share with any landlord. And did you know that there’s no limit on how many times you share your report? One fee. One credit check. Say goodbye to multiple inquiries on your credit when finding a rental. Any landlord can sign up as a WFT Landlord absolutely free and view tenant reports.


Worry Free Tenant Founders Jane Perillo and Laura Stayton have over 30 years of experience in property management, and are licensed real estate agents. Jane and Laura met in 1989 while working for the same property management company. Soon after, they started their own company, Delaware Realty Management, which they still run and manage to this day. Their experiences with property management and rentals have taught them to be well aware of the stresses and risks that come along with renting properties, making them highly qualified to create a tenant screening service for all of your rental properties. 

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